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I can’t stop laughing this is too funny; they think I have a split personality!
You do, you just don’t want to admit it you freak.
Are you serious? Man you are my conscience, some part of me, but not someone else!
I hate you so much, you know that? I have my own name, life, and everything.
You can’t have that, you are a part of me, a very sarcastic, and yet witty part of me!
Did you notice I finish my sentences in periods, and you end them in exclamation marks?
You ended that one in a question mark!
You just referred to me as you, how do you not realize you have a problem?
“We” have a problem, not just me my friend!
How can you sit here, and lecture me, and don’t call me friend by the way.
Well I figure we share the same body, why not be friends!
I wonder who the original persona was… hoping it was me.
I figure it was me! You see I would think for all my happiness I had to make up for it with some grouchiness, thus you were created!
I figure you are just a figment of my imagination…
Our imagination my friend, we share this body!
How can you be a figment of your own imagination?
Will you two shut up!!! I’m trying to tell this psychologist that everything is fine.
A poem about the way I always saw Split personality disorder.
Silversong9 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2011
this reminds me of what goes on in my mind lol you wrote this really well
kitsunesumi Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2007
hahaha... actually that reminds of what happens in my head...heehee...

...its really not that funny. but you wrote well. always fun to read something by mulitple authors.

Chrishadow Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2005
: ^^; :laughing:

...the last line!!!! :rofl:
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